Astonishing snub to Crumpetman!

Astonishing snub to Crumpetman!

Iceland claims The Grocer's Crumpet Crown!

The Grocer magazine recently (yes we know it was a couple of weeks ago - we've been busy!) announced the results of it's own label crumpets taste test. Clearly lacking Crumpetman's talent for building excitement across these big events, they announced only a winner, with the following explanation:

" “Light and airy in texture” with a “crisp base” and “plenty of flavour” were just some of the comments about these premium Iceland crumpets, which impressed all round. Our judges praised their “good presentation” and “good use of ingredients”, all at a price of £1 for six. Some 85% of consumer testers said they’d buy these crumpets again after tasting.

Bang on trend, the inclusion of sourdough helped “elevate this product” above the normal expectations of the crumpet category, said our judges, with consumers remarking on its “intriguing” ingredient list even before trying. As a result, this product was handed a double innovation star, with a third of consumers (62%) happy to recommend it to others."

Questions Asked About Award's Validity

Questions were immediately asked about the validity of the award, given the exclusion from the judging panel of the world's foremost crumpet man, Crumpetman. Who the blazes are these judges? And who bases a decision like this on “good presentation” and “good use of ingredients”?


Magnanimous To A Fault

Despite the obvious flaws in the process, well done to The Village Bakery in Wrexham. We might even do a special feature some time.