Crumpets with Smoked Salmon and Scrambled Eggs

What a simple, elegant and delicious way to start the day.

Preparation: 5 minutes Serves: 6 crumpets
Cooking: 5 minutes Cold-buttered crumpets
Ingredients Quantity (metric) Quantity (imperial)
Free-range eggs 3 3
Asparagus spears 4 4
Wild smoked salmon 100 g 3.5 oz
Chives (finely chopped) 2 tsp 2 tsp
Milk 25 ml 0.8 floz
Butter 20 g 0.7 oz
Salt and pepper Not too little Not too much

    The toppings

    1. Whisk the eggs and the milk together in a jug, with a little salt and pepper.
    2. Trim the grey parts off the salmon and snap the tough ends off the asparagus spears.
    3. Salt the asparagus, and steam for 4-5 minutes, until it is just cooked through, then cut each spear into three or four pieces.
    4. Meanwhile, gently melt the butter in a small frying pan, turn up to a low to medium heat and add the egg mixture.
    5. Cook for 1 or 2 minutes until the eggs are to your perfect liking, stirring periodically to break up the egg and ensure even cooking.

    The crumpets

    1. Arrange the eggs, salmon and asparagus on the crumpets in an artistic manner and sprinkle on the chives.


Wild salmon

There is an amazing difference in flavour and texture between wild and farmed salmon. Farmed salmon tends to be pallid, fishy-flavoured and slimy, reflecting much higher levels of fat. While we’d never knock fish-farming, farmed fish are often unavoidably less active than their counterparts in the wild – and this is particularly impactful for fish like salmon, whose physical exertions in the wild are legendary. Wild salmon is more expensive, but we feel it’s well worth the investment.